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What You Should Know About HCG Side Effects

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Any diet program can cause some side effects if your body is even mildly shocked from eating new and different types of food, ingesting fewer calories or beginning a strenuous exercise program. There may be fewer hCG side effects with this diet plan than most others because it’s composed of three phases designed to ease your system into the plan.

If you’ve researched the hCG diet plan at all, you know that its ultimate success depends on the synthetic human gonadotropin hormone. The actual hormone is produced by pregnant women and forms the foundation of a healthy pregnancy. The synthetic version was first offered in injection form, but side effects of pain, bruising and soreness was a deterrent to staying on the plan.

Now, the hCG hormone is offered in oral drops which can be safely and easily used by men and women to help lose unwanted pounds and return both body and mind to a healthy state of being. Thousands who have benefited from the weight loss results achieved by the hCG diet plan have reported that the outcome far surpassed any uncomfortable side effects.

Although hCG side effects are rare, some do occur on occasion if your body reacts negatively to the use of the hCG hormone. Most of these reactions subside within a few days. Some side effects that have been reported include headaches, especially at the beginning of the treatments. This side effect can happen in many diet plans that involve the release of toxins from the body.

Tiredness and mental fatigue can have also been reported as hCG side effects. This can occur when the hCG hormone triggers fat to move to the bloodstream so that it can be circulated and released from the system. This type of hCG side effect usually happens during the first part of the plan when the metabolism is adjusting to the change.

Other complaints associated with hCG side effects have included dry skin and leg cramps. It’s easy to understand this side effect – there’s such a small amount of fat being consumed that your body can easily become dehydrated. This complaint can be eradicated by taking supplements or some simple medications prescribed by your doctor.

Some women may worry about hCG side effects in regards to future fertility issues. Unlike other, newer diet plans, the hCG diet has been effective for many years and thousands of women have had successful results – and no side effects that could affect fertility. In fact, the hCG hormone is sometimes used to promote fertility in women.

Because the hCG diet plan includes a phase that is extremely low calorie – 500 calories per day for a certain amount of time – exercise should be monitored carefully. If you begin or continue with an exercise program that your body isn’t accustomed to, you could run the risk of burning more calories than are available and starving yourself.

Again, most hCG side effects have been associated with the injections and not the oral drops, so if you’re concerned about side effects of the plan, consider using the drops. They’ve been proven to be just as effective as the injections.

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