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What You Should Know About HCG Phases

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The hCG weight loss diet plan isnít like any other diet youíve ever tried. It isnít a fly-by-night plan thatís going to make you purchase aids such as pre-packaged food or special equipment for exercising. This diet only requires that you put your body and mind through certain hCG phases designed for optimum results.

If you follow the hCG phases explicitly, youíll reap rewards and benefits that you never thought possible. The hCG plan is based on a diet that is combined with hCG synthetic hormone injections or sublingual drops. As youíre approaching a decision to try the diet, keep in mind that you should plan to complete all the hCG phases for the best outcome and long term effects.

In the first phase of the hCG diet plan, youíll be going through a detoxifying process designed to get your body Ė and your mind Ė ready for whatís to come. Youíll be drinking lots of water and eating very few calories.

Second of the hCG phases is the most fun part. Youíll binge on calories Ė eating the foods youíve been dreaming about during the first phase. But, this phase only lasts for a couple of days. This phase probably sounds like the strangest one, but itís specifically designed to reset your metabolism and ready your body for the third phase.

The third phase is when you begin taking hCG hormone injections or sublingual drops. As you progress, your hunger pains and cravings will subside and youíll notice that your body is actually beginning to reshape itself.

After the third phase, the pounds you wanted to lose are a distant memory and youíre ready for the final hCG phase. The maintenance phase of the hCG diet plan guarantees that youíll maintain your new and ideal weight, even though youíve reached the end of the hCG doses.

This hCG technology was perfected by the late, Dr. A.T.W. Simeon over thirty years ago, but made popular with the controversial book by Kevin Trudeau, ďThe Weight Loss Cure.Ē In his book, Trudeau chronicles his weight loss journey with the hCG hormone injections and even inserts photos of the process.

Trudeau also explains the theory behind the ďcure,Ē which involves the hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone thatís originally produced by cells in the placenta of a pregnant woman. Now that the hormone is synthetically produced, it can be used in this highly effective weight loss plan in the form of injections or drops inserted beneath the tongue.

The diet plan and hCG phases have evolved and been perfected since Dr. Simeonís research back in the 1950s. Itís now recommended that you take supplements during the dieting phase, when youíre only consuming 500 calories per day.

After religiously following all hCG phases, people have testified that the results for weight loss have been absolutely amazing and that they have a new lease on life because they donít expect to put the pounds back on.

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